#AskDrBob: Tourette's

August 11, 2017

#AskDrBob-August 11th

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Hello! I use Agrisept-L everyday but was wondering when it would be safe to give to my son who’s 15 months. He has a cold and I thought maybe putting it in a smoothie would be good for him?

First, I would halt the smoothies. But 2-3 drops should be OK.

Good morning! A number of my colleagues on Facebook are reporting serious health concerns with the newly-installed ComEd Smart Meters on the outside of their homes. What can we do to…

More Info: LINK

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Do you have any treatments for COPD?

We find that breathing problems often stem from adrenal stress and sugar. We often treat with Oorganik-15, a neonatal product called Pneuma-Zyme, and spinal adjustments. I would also suggest having a spirometer test to evaluate proper oxygenation. (Contact Us)

My son has ulcerative colitis and must avoid dairy and wheat products. Also, he does not like eggs or fish. What would you recommend to achieve a weight gain, as he is very thin?

I would suggest avocados, walnuts, almond butter, and yams with coconut oil to begin.

What do you suggest for pain in small intestine I’m a healthy 38 male the doctors are talking about surgery. What is the cause for small intestine blockage?? What vitamins am I missing??

I would first suggest for parasites and a stool culture exam (contact us). It may also be excessive copper with adhesions – we help this with our Zinc Taste Test.

Hello Dr Bob DeMaria. What is the cause and how can it be cured Tourette Syndrome. Thank you

You can view one of our video testimonials with Tourette’s here. I also wrote “Dr. Bob’s Guide to Stop ADHD in 18 Days” that has a protocol to help, including an initial video fluoroscopy assessment at our practice in Westlake, Ohio.

Dr. Bob; I know you are against sugar and rightly so; are you also against Stevia? I use it in my coffee.

I am not against stevia – but I do not recommend the brand, Truvia.

Hi, I just writing for advice. My son who is 31 years of age in 2006 suffered a TBI and over the years has developed osteoporosis. Prior to his TBI he was a very healthy energetic young boy.  Years ago his rheumatologist and doctor recommended he do prolia injections. He did not have it done and had another bone density scan last fall and showed the bones got a bit worse. I then visited his rheumatologist once again this spring who suggested because he had a broken femur in 2009  he have forteo or reclast IV injection. She wasn’t pushy and left it up to me to decide. I’m not a person to take drugs unless it is extremely necessary and would like an opinion and advice. That’s why I’m coming to you. Thanks and have a wonderful Blessed day.  

We use Osteo B II (calcium), but he also needs protein and possibly a digestive enzyme called Hydro-Zyme (one in the middle of each meal) to absorb the protein (Proteofood supplement) and calcium.

Hello – would like to know if doctor would treat liver cleansing? I am looking for your branch in Naperville, IL. Do you have one or are there any recommendations you will make for me. I need to do liver cleansing.

I would suggest “Dr. Bob’s Drugless Guide to Detoxification.” Instead of an annual “detox,” I live a lifestyle that promotes cleansing with no sugar, protein, and vegetables.

Where can I get a shower dechlorinator?

We have them available here.

I was recently diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE), and GI specialists cannot find the culprit. I’m being like a lab-rat seemingly. Do you know of any foods that can be contributing to such a thing? The frustrating fact is that after I had the allergy test with a board-certified allergist, and heating needles put into my back every single one of them came up negative including Dairy and the six food Elimination Diet was all negative. I just think there’s more to it and I have not been able to eat a meal in 18 months due to choking. Steroids have failed, ppi’s have failed etc.

I recommend being checked for parasites and to contact us for a stool culture to determine what areas in your body that might have excess/deficiencies.

From Second Question:

Number 1—A Class 2B Carcinogen (which is the International Agency for Research on Cancer a division of the World Health Organization category for RF/Microwave emissions from smart meters) is being mandated on ALL homes.

Number 2—Public Health: Some people develop symptoms immediately after installation from the RF/Microwave Radiation being emitted by the smart meters. Most will develop neurological symptoms later from long-term chronic microwave exposure. Infants, children, pregnant women, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems are the most vulnerable. Pets are also suffering from the RF exposure.

Number 3—Technology vs. health: Frank Clegg, former President of Microsoft Canada states, “I’ve been in the technology industry all my career, my concern is nobody can say that it’s safe. Scientists have demonstrated that radiation emitting devices can cause DNA damage. And, from a biological standpoint, RF radiation can cause and does cause harm to humans.”

Number 4—House Fires: ComEd is using GE Smart Meters, the same manufacturer that has had hundreds of smart meters explode off homes in California. ComEd is touting UL testing as an assurance of safety. This is not realistic as there is no way to fix the design (without surge protectors), electronic components, and materials which are combustible. Smart meters as a whole will arc, spark, and explode. It is just a matter of time before it happens again in Illinois.

Number 5—Expensive Electronics: Smart Meters have been known to “Fry” electronics and other home appliances.

Number 6—Cost vs. Benefits: Northeast Utilities in Massachusetts reports “There is no rational cost justification for Smart Meters. The costs are currently astronomical, while the incremental benefits for customers are small in comparison.” Results of Ernst & Young cost-benefit analysis report on Smart Meters, “The costs of a Smart Metering system clearly exceed the potential savings for consumers with low annual consumption levels. It would be disproportionate and economically unreasonable to require all consumers to install such meters.”

Number 7—Personal Privacy: Smart meters collect Detailed (granular) Data of activity within the home, transmit this data through a wireless mesh network from home to home and then on to ComEd. Your household data is available to you on the Internet to monitor your usage, but nothing on the Internet is safe from hacking. And the data is stored by ComEd somewhere, forever. This leaves your private household data accessible to interception.

Number 8—Third Party Usage of Data: Data is a “gold mine” the Utilities. They are devising ways to use and share the data that comes from your personal household. This can be for many reasons, usually advertising and marketing of other products. Lisa Madigan, Attorney General is “urging Illinois residents to do their homework on smart meters, how they work, what type of data they collect, how the data can be used and if you authorize it, who can access it.”

Number 9—Burglary: A single smart meter can be hacked, the house alarm system turned off because there is a remote disconnect switch in the smart meter, and a thief can enter the premises. A smart meter-hacking thief will know when you are home or when the house is unoccupied, such as the family is on vacation.

Number 10—Homeland Security: Wireless data transmissions from billions of smart meters nationwide makes the Smart Grid a target for foreign and domestic cyber-attack. The Smart Grid has already proven to be a target with hundreds of attempts for interception each year. ComEd is adding 4,000,000 new access points by connecting every wireless smart meter in its Illinois service territory to the internet.

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