#AskDrBob: UTI

February 9, 2018

#AskDrBob – February 9, 2018

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I heard if you are prone to UTI you need to take a probiotic with an antibiotic to decrease the risk of a UTI. Can you please elaborate on that?

I have found that chronic UTI’s are often a result of individuals not having enough digestive enzymes. (More info in video)

Would you please explain the relationship between thyroid and broccoli? With the cruciferous vegetables being cancer fighters, I would really want to understand about not eating them when there is a thyroid problem.

Some individuals will say that it is a goitren, or a food that inhibits thyroid function. From my experience, most people do not eat enough cruciferous vegetables anyway. The real issue with thyroid health, is chlorine, bromine, and fluorine, which antagonizes iodine. I would eat steamed or sauteed broccoli – you may consider a thyroid panel.

I am a 55, a grandma, and mother of five, and am having terrible hot flashes. I didn’t have any for about six months or more, and they came back with a vengeance in January. I eat pretty much vegetarian/keto diet, exercise daily, and am not overweight, and do not take any medications. Can you help?

I would suggest a complete thyroid scan and/or urine iodine loading test. We typically see results with improved adrenal fat metabolism and/or thyroid function.

Is there was any danger or recourse in taking apple cider vinegar and liquid magnesium at the same time.

I know that any time you take one mineral without a balance, you may have an issue.

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