#AskDrBob: June 23

June 23, 2017

#AskDrBob-June 23rd

These were the questions asked in this episode of #AskDrBob. Please click the blue box to view Dr. Bob’s answers. If you have any general health questions, please email us, askdrbob@druglessdoctor.com, and we will present it in an upcoming episode. Thank you!

Can you use Organic Pure Beet Juice in place of the preparation of real beets in the ABC formula? I recently had blood work done and it shows that my cholesterol is 238. I had heard that you recommend Red Apple, Beets (which I love) and Carrots to reduce cholesterol. I was planning to use the juice as a base a put in a half of a red apple(organic) with a carrot and blend it all together. Would this be something that you would recommend?

The beet fiber works because the cholesterol binds itself to the fiber and is released via the body. We have used this product with huge success.

What do you recommend to treat psoriasis of the scalp?

The first and most important thing you need to do is work on your liver. I would recommend Livotrit or MCS-2. You may also consider the castor oil pack.

MCS-2 – How does this product work? I ask because one needs to have good bowel function to detox and mine is not ideal.

It supports in phase one and two in detoxification. The liver clears the unwanted, toxic ingredients.

What is the cure for gallbladder attack?

The first thing to do is make necessary lifestyle changes. We use a combination of products to help thin and support the bile. It may be wise to add bovine bile and a liver-based herb. (Also, Phosphatidylcholine).

I recently saw Dr. Bob on Marilyn and Sarah. Today I was given a prescription for Nortriptyline (starter pack). I have had digestive issues for the past 2 years and the symptoms are daily. I am hesitating in taking the prescription, just not feeling that drugs are the way to go BUT I need some help too. Do you have any articles that might help me as far as what foods to eat or what might be a more natural approach. I really would appreciate your help.

I would consider having a Bloodspot Test (Contact) to see what foods you may be sensitive to. I would avoid gluten and dairy products.

HI, my 11 yr. old grandson, whom I am the custodial parent is scheduled for an tonsillectomy next week. Below is a pic of his tonsils. He is a very poor – very discriminating eater, doesn’t eat much, likes chocolate, sweets, peanut butter, but does not get much of this at all from home. Is there anything you would suggest as an alternative first to try before Having the surgery? I am weighing my options about surgery. Do you think there is a protocol that I could try with my grandson, first, before proceeding to surgery? Any information would be much appreciated.

I would suggest reading my “Guide to Prevent Surgery.” The foods that you mentioned he was eating are part of the problem.

Dear Dr. Bob, I went to a Doctor who was supposed to be an alternative Doctor he sent me for radiology and it came back that I had Osteoarthritis from head to toe. I have since been to a chiropractor and he said it’s not Osteoarthritis it is Viral Arthritis and that I have had it all my life and I did have what the Doctor said was Traumatic Arthritis when I was about six I had woken up in the night screaming with pain in my right hip I was taken to the Children’s Hospital and the Doctor asked my mother if I had been scratched by a cat and she said a cat had hooked it’s claw under my fingernail and I had fallen over and he said that had sent the poison threw my system. I have extreme pain in my right knee and it is very swollen. Is there anything I can do without taking medication.

It is possible you can have a reaction from the cat bite.

Would you know of a vegan/plant based option?

ADB5 is a neo-natal glandular product designed to support DNA and cellular function. There are protocols to support adrenal health with licorice root and adaptogens. Stay away from sugar.

Is vitamin D and D3 the same thing or different.

We use a liquid product called D-Mulsion Forte. (More info in video)

Hello, Dr. Bob! Hope you’re doing well! Question: In an iodine supplement, does it matter if the iodine is from kelp or from deep within the earth? If from kelp is better, how would we know if it is safe from Fukushima radiation? Thank you, Dr. Bob!

We use iodine products from Biotics Research (here and here). I would not use kelp or anything that comes from the ocean at this time.

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