Integumentary Male

Your integumentary system is a multifaceted system protecting you from the environment and creating a balance with your surroundings. The skin is the main component of the system interfacing with the environment.  Hair and nails are also part of the system, protecting you from environment attacks.

Parts Include: Skin, Hair, Nails, Sweat Glands, Oil Glands


Made of several layers designed to protect the body from the environment. The skin is a major detoxifying organ, an important factor in vitamin D creation.

A combination of protein and minerals; the texture and quality of hair are impacted by stress, diet and hormonal function. The color of hair is also impacted by diet and stress.

Nails are made of connective tissue, proteins and minerals. The integrity of one’s nails is dependent on proper digestion, diet, adrenal health and blood flow.

Sweat Glands
Glands in the body designed to release and absorb water, controlling body temperature.

Oil Glands
Glands in the body used to secrete oil when needed for protection from the environment and lubrication in cases of friction.

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