Our body is one mass of electrical components and connections traveling along delicate nerve fibers. Your nervous system is made of several groups, all of which depend on the brain as the central focal point, and your brain cell literally sends billions of daily messages that analyze and respond to stimuli.

Parts Include: Brain, Spinal Cord, Neurons


1. Brain

The center of the nervous system. It includes several components designed to communicate to the rest of the body at a conscious and subconscious level.

2. Spinal Cord
The continuation of the brain, it is protected by the spinal column. There are thirty-one pairs of spinal nerves that leave the cord.

3. Blue Neck/Cervical Nerve
Nerves that project from the upper part of the spinal cord in the neck or cervical region create the cervical nerve. They innervate or connect the neck, upper back, top of the head and into the shoulders, arms, hands and fingers.

4. Blue Arm/Radial Nerve
The nerve that originates in the cervical or neck region, traveling down the arm and forearm on the thumb side of the hand and wrist.

5. Thoracic Nerve
The nerves in the mid-part of the trunk region which innervate or connect the tissues in the mid-back and chest region.

6. Lumbar Nerve
The nerves leaving the spinal cord in the upper part of the low back, and the nerves in the low back region that travel through the hip, thigh and buttocks to the foot region.

7. Sacral Nerve
The nerves that leave the lower portion of the spine and travel into the buttocks and into the toe and foot regions.

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