#OptimalU-Water Benefits

This natural Health Assessment has been designed to create optimal health. Take time to assess your current state of health. Then take the assessment again after six months to track your progress.



1. How much water should you drink per day?

For optimal results, I recommend drinking a minimum of one quart of water per 150 pounds or 68 kg of body weight per day.

2. What are fruits and vegetables with high water content?

Broccoli-91% Cauliflower-92% Celery-95% Cucumbers-96%
Radishes-95% Spinach-92% Tomatoes-94% Zucchini-95%

Source: University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, December 1997, “Water Content of Fruits and Vegetables”.

3. What types of water should I drink?

Water from a pure source is optimal. I encourage my patients to drink “reverse osmosis” water (if you live in a residence where you can purchase and install an ‘ro’ system). I discourage drinking distilled, tap, or well water. DON’T count soda or coffee as water.

4. Water & Detoxification

The best way to start your day is with a cup of hot water and lemon, an excellent liver cleansing stimulant. If you have common skin challenges (acne, psoriasis), you might have toxic backup from lack of pure water consumption. If you have digestive concerns, do not drink cold water with meals.

Try @ Home: Soak your feet in hot water with Epsom salt to help detoxification.

5. Water & Bathing

The water you bathe in might have high levels of bromine and chlorine, which can deplete your body of iodine. Consider investing in a shower dechlorinator to reduce shower-sourced chlorine.

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#OptimalU-January Outreach


As you can see from above, water is essential for optimal health, yet 768 million individuals around the world don’t have access to fresh, clean water. That’s why our first non-profit focus in 2014 is Missions.Me. They organize innovative international outreaches, including the campaign #100Wells100Days, where they intend to provide 100 wells to individuals in Ghana and India. We look forward to helping them and a portion of each “Guide to Optimal Health” sold will go directly to their cause. For more info, visit missions.me/100wells100days.

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