Adrenal Quiz

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This August, our quiz is going to be on your adrenal glands. I find that adrenal exhaustion is very common today with my practice members and can be corrected naturally. Your adrenals are members of your body’s endocrine system, which regulates hormones, digestion, and blood sugar stress. Do you have any of these body signals? Here is the first step towards correction adrenal gland exhaustion, the next would be to consider a consultation to provide a drugless roadmap towards optimal health.


Does bright light bother your eyes?

-Do you wear sunglasses around the house?

-Do you crave salt and salty foods?

-Did you wake up tired?

-Does your back go out easily?

-Do you regularly contract hives?

-Do you have chronic allergies?

-Do you crave sweets?

-Do you have low blood pressure?

-Do you notice marks (like writing) on your skin when scratched?

-Do you have joint or arthritis pain?

-Are you exhausted?

-Is your circulation limited?

-Do you sweat easily?

-Do you get dizzy from a sit to stand position?

-Does your blood pressure drop from a sit to stand position?

-Do you have bowel challenges?

-Do your ankles swell?

-Do you get to bed by 10 pm?

-Do you have ridges on your nails?

-Do you crave chips or pickles?

-Do you have hot flashes?

-Do you have asthma?

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