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This month we are quizzing on blood sugar stress, which is the perfect “teaser” to my upcoming book on surgery prevention later this summer. The following will help you begin a foundation to help stabilize your blood sugar and minimize cravings.

Do you experience _________

Eating while nervous

-An excessive appetite

-Hunger between meals

-Irritability before meals

-The  “shakes” if hungry

-Heart palpitates if meals missed or delayed

-Afternoon headaches

-Waking up frequently in the night

-Craving candy or coffee in afternoons

-Moods of depression-“blues” or melancholy

-Abnormal craving for sweets or snacks

Blood sugar, or glucose, is the fuel for function in your body. Your body utilizes the food you consume and organizes in such a way for it to be available when needed for cell function. Not so surprisingly, many of us live day-to-day in a constant state of a stressful environment when the body is in perpetual alarm or harm’s way, and there is a demand on your entire energy system and more fuel is required. Your adrenal glands are key players for the energy cycle, and are located on top of your kidneys and act as the fuel pump for the entire body; your thyroid gland, which is located in your throat region is similar to the gas pedal.

When you are continually frazzled and anxious, knowingly or subconsciously, your adrenal glands are continuously releasing hormones to make sure you have the fuel you need to survive. The adrenal glands will become exhausted and fatigued over time if the cycle is not stopped. Blood sugar energy sources fluctuate with what you eat; choosing refined sugars and grains also places a demand on your adrenal glands which continue to do the best they can to keep the glucose level stable. Blood sugar stress occurs when there is a consistent consumption of high energy refined foods from morning to night, day after day, month after month.

Your thyroid and adrenal glands work in unison with each other. I am noticing more practice members not only presenting themselves tired and exhausted because their adrenals are fatigued, but they have thyroid glands which are weary and why so many come into the office drained and expressively tired.

The pancreas is the gland located in the mid-section of your abdomen which secretes insulin and another player in the blood sugar stress cycle. Insulin is used by your body to place glucose into cells. Overeating refined sugars and grains place a heavy demand not only on your adrenal glands and thyroid, but the pancreas also becomes fatigued, worn out, and exhausted trying to keep up producing insulin. When you notice you are craving sugar and have highs and lows with your energy, it is possible your pancreas may be on the brink of totally wearing out and forcing you to seek help and often medication is recommended which will squeeze your pancreas to make enough insulin for you to survive. Over time, if you do not reduce refined sugar and grains to be replaced by whole slow-burning foods, it is very probable you will be forced to take insulin.

The scenario for highs and low blood sugar impacts your energy and ability to navigate through your day with a sharp mind and not become chronically exhausted. The cycle is interrupted by reducing the number of refined sugars and in some cases sweet fruits. Sugar is addictive, and it would be wise for you to monitor and manage food choices, so you are not on the roller coaster of highs and lows of blood sugar to stop the blood sugar stress “blues”.

Products I recommend for Blood Sugar Stress include:

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Glucobalance– Pre-Diabetics and insulin dependent diabetics

Cr-Zyme– To stop sugar cravings

Beta Plus– Removes the layer of fat on glucose molecules for it to be used

Bio-B Complex– Stops sugar cravings

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