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We wrap up our quiz this year with your liver. At The Drugless Doctors, we often begin with your liver as the starting point in a cleansing and purification protocol. The following questions and statements will help you determine the best course of action to help heal your liver from the inside out!

Where is the liver located in the body?

Your liver is located under the lower right chest and hypothetically only drops down to the lower margin of the ribs. A non-alcoholic fatty liver can extend deep into the abdomen and down into the pelvis.

What is the number one job description of the liver?

Your liver has hundreds of known functions: from storing blood and vitamins to blood sugar storage; it also creates hormones and bile. The liver will increase in size to compensate for the work it needs to do depending on the demand placed on it by environmental toxins and choices of beverages and foods.

Will your liver get smaller, or return to its normal size with lifestyle changes?

Yes! I have noticed practice members liver reduce in size purely dependent on wise choices of food and beverages. We take digital spinal and pelvis films and can see the margins of the liver.

How does a fatty liver impact the body?

The size of the liver can impact the position of the spine and pelvis.  A fatty liver impairs the flow of blood into the heart which can alter heart function.

What food(s) would you avoid if you wanted to maintain optimal liver health?

I would avoid fruits and high fructose corn syrup used as a sweetener substitute for sugar.

Does alcohol impact the liver?

Yes. Your liver will respond by increasing in size to process any toxic substance.

Do medications impact the liver?

A little known or understood fact is medications need to be neutralized by the liver. Aspirin tends to place a major demand on the liver. Tylenol tends to impact your kidneys, and statin drugs also can create liver damage.

What fat soluble vitamins are stored in the liver?

Vitamins  A, D, E and K.

The liver creates bile; what is the purpose of bile?

Bile has many functions; it tends to alkalize digestive secretions and is cannibalized with stress.  Bile also is used as an emulsifier which is similar to dish detergent.

What are the best foods for the liver?

I would suggest one half of red apple daily—apples thin bile.  I also know beet fiber will lower cholesterol and supports liver health.  A medium carrot everyday will also assist the liver in maintaining normal function.

I have heard traditional Chinese medicine correlates hormones to organs/glands; what is the liver emotion association?

The liver is associated with anger, and the gallbladder is associated with bitterness.

What are body signals of poor liver function?  

Body functions for liver health coincide with one’s toxic exposure and food intake. Women with a compromised liver often have tender breasts on menses and a heavy flow. Both men and women may notice more skin tabs and little red mole like eruptions called cherry hemangiomas when there is liver distress.

Are there products one can take to help the liver?

We use a variety of products to support liver function depending on the presenting symptoms, body signals and treatment goals. Click here for more information.

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