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Our Thyroid quiz has a list of common body signals, that from our experience at The Drugless Doctors, are precursors to hyper or hypothyroidism.

Do you have any of the following?



Inability to gain weight

Sensitivity to high temperatures

Emotions are constantly in-flux

Easily Flushed

Night Sweats

Thin, Moist Skin

Heart Palpitations

Eyelid and facial twitching

High levels of irritability

Unable to work under pressure

How many of these body signals do you have?

If you have over three, there may be a possibility of hyperthyroidism.

Do you have any of the following?

Weight Increase

Decreased Appetite

Easily Fatigued

Constant ear ringing

Sleepy during day

Sensitive to cold

Dry or scaly skin


Mental Sluggishness

Coarse hair, or hair loss

Headaches after waking, that go away as day continues

Slow pulse, under 65

Frequent Urination

Hearing Impairment

Lack of zeal for life events

Cold hands and feet

Elevated Cholesterol


Yellow Teeth

Wide-spaced Teeth

How many of these body signals do you have?

If you have over three, there may be a possibility of hypothyroidism.

The Drugless Protocol:

Join us for our live event on January 27th to go over the quiz here.

Proceed with a serum TSH, T3, T4 and TPO and supplement accordingly.

To determine the adequate amount of iodine, a urine-iodine loading test is recommended.

A Bloodspot Fatty Acid Profile test will reveal any oil deficiencies which can alter thyroid


A mineral tissue hair analysis will reveal specific mineral needs.

Take your axillary armpit temperature, which is the basal armpit temperature, first thing in the morning by placing a thermometer in the armpit area for five minutes for three days in a row. The ideal temperature we are looking for is 97.8

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