Red means go. Green means stop.

Eating an apple a day is the biggest Dr. Bob “Approved” Diet takeaway and health deposit you can make. Apples are rich with minerals and other vital nutrients that keep your body functioning optimally. I encourage my patients to eat a read apple instead of a green one.

“Why Dr. Bob?

While studying for my NHD degree, I had an opportunity to take a class on Ayurvedic medicine, which is studied widely in India. Side note, I have always enjoyed learning about different cultures and how they promote healing, diet, and nutrition. One, like I mentioned above, is green apples have a tendency to stagnate digestion. You want optimal digestion to create a state of health in your body. There are many benefits to eating apples, including minimizing the negative effect of oxidation or rust in your body. Fuji and Gala apples are my favorites. Here’s something new to try:

* Peel and cut the apples and place them in a saucepan.

* Add enough water to line the bottom, cover, and simmer for ten minutes

* Place cloves in the apples, and remove before you eat.

Also, one last ‘peel’ of information: Apple fiber and the malic acid in the contents helps create optimal flow of bile through your gallbladder.

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