+A | over 200 nutrients | the liver needs vitamin A for proper detoxification | contributes to body’s proteins

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raw | juice | stir-fry | bake | Dr. Bob’s SWAP (Start With A Protein)

Carrots are an integral part of Dr. Bob’s ABCs (one half of a red apple, one-third cup beets, and four or five baby carrots or one medium-sized one). Carrots have more than 200 known nutrients, and one of the most common characteristics of carrots is the fact they contain precursors for vitamin A, one of the fat-soluble vitamins. Carrots also contribute to the proteins in your body. I eat several raw carrot pieces everyday. They are great in salads and stir-fried with your other favorite vegetables. Eating carrots will help promote optimal skin health. The liver needs the vitamin A from carrots to support the detoxification process; eye floaters are common when the liver does not have enough A. Patients of mine have told me their floaters have gone away in as little as six weeks.

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