Stop Your Running Nose

Can your body adapt to each season’s challenges? Is your nose “running”? I have patients in chiropractic care share consistently how they are doing great without any medication. No: Sinus Problems, Allergies, or Runny Nose!

I can tell you the second vertebrae in your neck has everything to do with sinus health. Peanut butter, an American staple, is a culprit that creates the environment for chronic sinus issues. Peanuts have mold and/or a fungus. Mold aggravates your sinuses. Do you know I have some patients that come into the office that even smell moldy? Here is a tip, eat four or five carrots everyday and at least one quart of water. You will be pleasantly surprised to see improvement in less than two months. I also notice those who have poor digestion tend to have chronic sinus and allergy issues.

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