"Get to Know" Chlorophyll

Did you know greed food has chlorophyll as a part of its genetic makeup or constituents? Do you know the difference between chlorophyll and blood?

Chlorophyll has magnesium and red blood cells have iron in the center of the molecule, holding it together. The name of the mechanism holding it all together is called a chelate. What is very interesting, is the fact red blood cells carry oxygen. I have to believe from my experience, it is possible knowing the body is a self-healing mechanism that people eat greens have less of a bleeding issue and more than likely have better quality blood. I am making the assumption because green food assists the liver in proper function. Optimal liver health promotes clearing of estrogen; excessive estrogen is a leading cause of heavy menses and bleeding.

Are you now seeing why all the talk about whole food versus process, dead food is significantly critical? Have you ever heard of succotash? Some of you may have never heard of it, or others may remember the phrase “sufferin succotash”. The ingredients include lima beans, corn, onions, and red or yellow pepper. You can add any kind of dressing, but usually vinaigrette. This is a very healthy combination of food depending if you have an issue with corn or not. I would suggest having a ‘green’ item everyday. If you do not like vegetables, it could be your acid levels.

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