+ digestion, liver, gallbladder function | Dr. Bob uses peppermint leaf, milk thistle, and dandelion root as supplements; and basil, chives, parsley, cilantro, and dill for eating

How to Use

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An herb’s fragrance and aroma add the extra zest to beverages, salads and your favorite recipes. The oil in the leaf is what provides the flavor and taste. Peppermint leaf supports liver/gallbladder function and is also a natural antimicrobial agent. I add fresh peppermint leaf to fresh sun-brewed iced tea. Basil, parsley and chives promote optimal digestive function and can be added to a salad. We also add cilantro, a relative of the parsley family to our salads. Dandelion root and leaf promote optimal liver function. I personally add ten drops of peppermint leaf and dandelion root to four ounces of water every morning. I add chives, parsley, basil and cilantro to my daily salad. You can grow fresh herbs all year long. One warning: Do not overcook herbs.

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