Did you get the flu shot?

Everyone’s health status is different. Your age, gender, marital status, and current state of health and family history accumulate to what is your present state. Many of you send emails in regard to detox, cancer, and pain!

Statistically, women make the major family health decisions. Moms tend to be the home administrator when it comes to the health of children. There are three major areas that affects a child’s health: sugar, dairy, and trans fat. Recently a commentator on a major network reported on the flu, who happened to be a seasoned MD, said kids need to be concerned about the flu because of their weak immune system. Have you ever thought how children use to “catch” childhood diseases (measles, mumps, and chickenpox)? If he was concerned about the kids getting flu shot, why do you think so many of us lived and survived our “childhood diseases”. I would suggest you limit or eliminate your child’s sugar and dairy products.

Women have a huge health challenge when their liver is burdened and estrogen is saturated. I would cut back on canned food, be aware that acrylic nails add additional toxic overload. If you have tender breasts with your menses, focus on a liver herb. We have had great success with Gaia Herbs. I encourage their Milk Thistle and Liver Health products-I personally take Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root.

Men don’t seem to be bothered with health issues until it is often too late. Men, I would suggest you take at least one tablespoon of flax oil daily and one salmon capsule every other day. I would also suggest you may want to get the Bloodspot EFA test. This test will show us your level of EPA, the fat for health health.

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