Dr. Bob “Approved” Winter Herbs Protocol

Gaia Herbs: For bronchitis or pneumonia follow the protocol on the bottle unless altered by Dr. Bob

Bronchial Wellness Tea

Gaia Herbs: When the first “sick” signs appear

Rx A Defense: For the ‘short’ attack. Use this product short term. Gaia formulated this product for those of you who may have a nasty acute infection in the body. These are liquid phyto-caps. You would take two capsules five times a day for two days. You only use the product for four days.

Rx P Defense: For the ‘chronic’ long-term supplementation. This is a product you will want to start taking after the first frost. I recommend a dosage of two a day, with warm water between meals.

Flu Prevention:

Peppermint Leaf: Five drops daily in 4 oz. of water or juice

Black Elderberry: Can be used with all products

Turmeric Supreme: Do not consume if you have gall bladder issues or are taking a blood thinner

Olive Leaf: Do not consume if you have blood pressure concerns, diabetes, or blood thinners

Echinacea Goldenseal

Whole Food Protocols

Biotics Research:

Vitamin D: Bio-D Mulsion. One drop has 2000IU. I recommend 1 to 5 drops daily on your tongue.

Calcium: Ca/Mg Zyme. Six daily during the winter with cold sores, dry skin, and leg cramps


Agrisept-L: A citric seed extract. Five to ten drops daily in 4 oz. of water.

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