Eliminate, Maintain, & Build

Going through the herb aisle at the health food store can overwhelming! Which is why I’m here to help. I have been using herbs in my practice for years, and over the course of time, if you use the right brand and determine the right protocol, your health will change completely.

I listed three functions of herbs and some basic thoughts that will assist you with your roadmap to Dr. Bob “Approved” health.

Herbs have three general functions in the body and are compounded according to the state of the individuals. The three functions of herbs:

Eliminating and Detoxifying: Using elimination herbs that act as laxatives, diuretics, diaphoretics, and blood purifiers.

Maintaining: Using herbs that counteract the physical symptoms, allowing the body to heal itself.

Building: Using herbs that tone the organs.

The first stage in herbal treatment is generally to eliminate, removing toxins that are both a physical cause and a result of a disease. However, this step may cause depletion of energy and should not be used for persons who are weak or who are suffering from a long-term degenerative condition. Instead, one uses herbs to “build up” the system for those who are weak, such as those recuperating from disease, and those with recurring sickness.

For persons suffering long-term degenerative diseases or very severe symptoms of an acute disease, the first step is to use herbs that maintain the body through the crisis and stabilize the condition. Once this has been achieved, it is possible to proceed with the appropriate use of elimination and building. Individuals who have a diet rich in animal products and refined foods have a special need to eliminate toxins and have a characteristic condition for which leaf and flower herbs are most effective. Others who go to the opposite extreme and have a diet rich in raw vegetables and fruits also need to eliminate toxins, as they usually suffer from poor assimilation, and are best treated by roots and barks of the herb plants.

Personally, I would start with Dandelion Root, five drops a day in four to eight ounces of water. You can add Peppermint Leaf, the same dosage, and five drops in the same amount of water. You may also want to add a capsule of Milk Thistle to your daily routine.

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