“Get to Know” Gaia Herbs

I have been using Gaia Herbs in my practice for quite some time. They are one of the few Dr. Bob “Approved” brands because they create a product that adds value to the consumer, and their ingredients promote a drugless lifestyle. I’m highlighting a few of their products that we consistently use in the practice and sell online, and what system, symptom, and body part they help.

Here are protocols we use in the office for various conditions:
Dandelion Root: Five drops daily for optimal liver function in four ounces water
Peppermint Leaf: Antimicrobial five drops daily in four ounces water
Olive Leaf: Two-daily and up to six daily with the onset of flu/cold/cough
Hawthorn Supreme: Two daily for heart strength
Licorice Root: Five drops daily for more energy
Black Cohosh: Two-daily for hot flashes
Libido F or M: To increase male and female libido or desire for intimacy
Skin and Nail Support: Two-daily for strong nails and hair
Serenity: Two-daily, to calm your body
Sleep & Relax Tea: A natural sleep aid
Nicotine Relief: Stops the desire to smoke
Thyroid Support: Two-daily supports optimal thyroid function
Adrenal Health: Two-daily, optimal adrenal function. A must!
Milk Thistle: Two-daily for optimal liver function
Liver Health: Two-daily for general liver support

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