Herbal Therapies

There are a number of ways the body responds to herbal treatments. These have traditionally been divided to produce a basis for eight general methods of therapy. The methods are:
– Stimulation
– Tranquilization
– Blood Purification
– Tonification
– Control of fluid balance
– Sweating
– Vomiting
– Purging

Each therapeutic method is suitable for particular diseases, and it is often appropriate to combine several methods for the most effective treatment.

In therapy of any kind, one must regulate the treatment according to the energy of the body. While the use of certain herbs to eliminate toxins through purging or emesis can be very effective, they are not appropriate for one who is weak or low of energy since these methods will reduce the body energy further. It is important to follow the changing course of the disease each day and decide which therapy is most appropriate for that condition.

Let me give you an example of two herbs that are stimulants:

Licorice Root is the ultimate, full-body battery charger. If you body is exhausted, licorice root will stimulate adrenal function. It is best that you also stop the sugar. Sugar will drain adrenal optimization. I would take five drops of liquid licorice daily in four ounces of water. Patients with high blood pressure or a history of high blood pressure may not want to use this protocol and/or monitor your blood pressure.

Hawthorn Supreme is awesome for heart strength. If you are “winded” going up and down steps, for example, I would take two per day.

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