Three Principles of Simpling

1. Use herbs that grow nearby. Illness contracted in a particular region is dependent on the environmental conditions.
Example: Northern conditions-bronchitis Southern conditions-parasites
Each area may have up to a dozen items that may be used to assist the treatment of ailments.

2. The use of mild herbs. Mild herbs can be taken freely and will exert a general effect on all the body systems, aiding the process of healing many different types of afflictions.

3. Mild herbs must be used in large doses. Since the herb is mild, only in a large dose will it have the power to overcome most illnesses.

Example: Use a small amount of tea instead of a medicinal amount.
The complexity of herb use in the purest form comes when a person is:
– Unwilling to use the large doses of mild herbs
– Impatient for relief of symptoms
– Eating a diet derived primarily from foods of other climates, foods eaten out of season or processed foods
– Unwilling to devote the time and energy to identify gather the local herbs

If you have a sense of adventure, I recommend planting and growing your own herb box with basil, parsley, chives, oregano, dill, and dandelion. Remember to plant in organic soil!

Duration of Treatment: For most acute ailments, one will obtain favorable effects in only three days by using herbs and making appropriate adjustments in the diet and other components of the lifestyle. Take an herb up to three weeks. If you do not see changes in three days, you may change the herb.

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