What is a kupffer cell?

There are many organs, glands, and tissues that shape the immune system. The immune system is probably one of the least understood systems in the body. The immune system is almost like faith. You know you have it, but how does it work? Antibiotics do not strengthen your immune system; rather, they trick the body. Immunizations right now are one of the most controversial topics on the Internet. They really don’t know all the ramifications and long-term effects from the millions of injections that have been administered.

I want you to know there are specialized cells in your liver called Kupffer Cells, whose primary duty and job description is to be your body’s vacuum cleaner. The kupffer cells are in place to eat all the bad guys. If you want to keep this part of your body functioning optimally, you will want to make sure you are eating your Dr. Bob’s ABC’s.

To further help your immune system, I suggest you take five drops of Dandelion Root everyday for starters. I also suggest taking either Milk Thistle or Peppermint Leaf. These two herbs support liver function. Avoid dairy, sugar, and trans fat if you want to be healthy.

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