+ C, B6 | begin each day with warm water and lemon; it aids your liver | antioxidant

How to Use

with water and tea | marinade | dressing | skin astringent

A wedge of lemon squeezed into eight ounces of warm water first thing in the morning promotes optimal liver function and elimination. I would strongly encourage incorporating lemon wedges in any water you drink. I have helped patients strategize ways to prevent kidney stones. Citrus may start out as an acid-based food in your mouth, but by the time the lemon pulp reaches the intestines, the sodium ‘salts’ and translates into an alkaline substance. Lemon juice is also an excellent antioxidant which means lemons can help slow down the decay and oxidation process. Fresh squeezed lemon juice added to your items you bake also adds some zest to your final entrees.

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