“Get to Know” Simple Detox Steps

How do I detoxify? I am asked this question everyday. My usual response is, “It is not what you take; it’s what you do.”

Many people today are mesmerized by flash ads, both in print and online, concerning the far fetched testimonies detailing the entire, deep colon and cellular sludge that shows up in the toilet bowl when they take a new formula in the form of a pill or potion that is sources from some “exotic land”.

The bottom line and the best advice I can tell you is, cleansing is an inside-out process that starts everyday when you drink that first glass of water and eat the fresh vegetable or fruit to begin your day. The most effective and simple pattern you can do regularly is to drink a warm to hot glass of water from a pure source with a wedge of an organic lemon. The lemon stimulates digestion and literally activates the daily purge of your liver. I encourage our patients to the pulp of the lemon once they have slowly sipped the water; you will notice a bit of rumbling in your abdomen followed by a natural bowel movement.

We are exposed daily to toxins in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. The body is exposed relentlessly to synthetic compounds that irritate and confuse normal cell physiology. My advice to everyone is to avoid as many obvious toxins as you can, look at labels; do not consume processed or packaged foods. Label reading is an integral part of your roadmap for long-term wellness and internal cleansing. You have the potential to minimize the demand on your cells and cleansing organs (liver, colon, skin, and kidneys) by eating organic, whole food, and pure water without artificial additives. I would suggest you eat one-half of a red apple everyday to stimulate bile flow, one-third cup of organic, baked or raw beets, helping your liver process toxins, and finally, one medium carrot assisting your skin and liver do what they do best; keeping you clean from the inside-out.

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