Do you smell like “pool”?

What does it suggest when you lose the hair on the sides of your legs? Whenever I review a Hair Analysis, I often see a high level of calcium versus any other element; this intrigues me. Any time I notice a high level of calcium on the assessment I know the patient’s hair is probably white or gray!

“What does that mean, Dr. Bob?”

Patients with high calcium and low potassium generally have a low thyroid.

Years ago I had a patient come into my office that was really prematurely graying. I knew she was a swimming coach, and I have discovered from experience those of you that spend a lot of time in the chlorine and/or bromine have low thyroid tendencies and generally have gray or white hair. Also, those of you who do water aerobics have the same body signals: white gray hair, cold hands and feet, loss of hair on the eyebrows and outer legs.

If you cold hands and feet and your hair is gray and thinning, you would do best to add some iodine to your routine, and cut back on the hot tub. Mountain Dew and white bread (all of these items have bromine in the ingredients). You always want to take iodine slowly, especially if you are toxic.

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