Do your eyes “cry” without “crying”?

Sharp pain generally equals ligament and burn pain often means nerve involvement. Several young ladies came into my office recently with burning leg pain, more than likely from compression to nerves in their low back regions. Upon conversation, they both cried easily. Not that I made them cry, their eyes watered just by talking. When someone cries easily, do you know what that suggests? They need B vitamins. Whole food B vitamins feed the nerves. You can have raw nerves from stress and sugar; both of these items use up B vitamins. The body for fat metabolism and nervous system function needs B vitamins. One other body signal I noticed they had-large facial pores. Do you know what this suggests; a zinc requirement. Zinc is also needed by the body to take away pain, help memory, assist in the production of insulin, and promote healing. A great source of zinc is pumpkin seeds. Wheat and soy deplete zinc.

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