I’ve Been Flu-Free for Forty Years!

It’s reported every year in the US that almost 100,000 people die from the flu! Do you wonder what is going on with the flu hype? The last time I had the flu was when I was in the third grade.

“How do I stay ‘Flu-Free’, Dr. Bob?”

Follow these tips!

The flu is a virus. I have discovered viruses grow well in an environment where there is not enough calcium. Individuals with low thyroid function have low calcium levels in their tissues but abundance in their hair: hence white/gray hair.

Eating sugar lowers calcium and paralyzes the immune system. Your immune system has a substantial presence in the colon.

Wheat interferes with mineral absorption in the intestines. White spots on your nails are a body signal of poor/low zinc levels. So are large pores on your face and if you scar easily. Do you see my thought process? You need good bowel function: Whole foods, water, and fiber; No sugar or wheat.

I would take Ca/Mg Zyme, four to six per day. If you have high calcium on your Hair Analysis it tells me you may in fact have a low thyroid and poor calcium levels in your tissues.

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