Summer Minerals

With every season comes new nutrition needs for your body. I have many patients and worldwide clients who are experiencing body signals that they never before have had due to the extreme variations of temperature and conditions. Here are a few examples of some common conditions along with my recommended protocol:

  1. Cramping while walking and sleeping indicates a need for minerals. Muscles and tissues will cramp when you are sweating and not hydrating. We use Celtic Sea Salt™ and Multi Minsfrom Biotics Research Corp.
  2. Dizziness and nausea can be as a result of mineral deficiencies from sweating which can impact digestion. Spending time outdoors with extreme profuse sweating depletes minerals. I recommend ¼ teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt™ in 20 to 24 ounces of water.
  3. Headaches from over sun exposure, or any type of overexposure to sun, will deplete the body of calcium. Calcium depletes the body of Essential Fatty Acids via a mechanism where the fats are used to take the calcium to the skin. “Leathery” skin is a result of inadequate calcium and EFA’s. Try Ca/Mg Zyme and Optimal EFA’s for a fat source.
  4. If mosquitoes are attacking you increase your Bio B 100’s; up to six a day.
  5. Poison Ivy is common with sun exposure; try Ca/Mg Zyme; six daily on an empty stomach

The summer should be a fun, enjoyable season. I suggest each of you add at least 1/4th of a teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt™ to your water for the remainder of the season. Some individuals like to wear sunglasses as a part of their fashion accessories. However, if you need to wear sunglasses to avoid the brightness, you more than likely have a need for Adrenal Support – try ADB5 up to four a day. Take two when you get up and two at noon.

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