Will salt help you sleep?

Minerals are critical for optimal long-term health especially during the Christmas season and the rest of winter. The stress of planning all the activities takes a toll on your mineral reserves. This is the time of year you may notice a cold sore or two on your lips. Cold sores are a body signal that you need calcium, or unable to absorb calcium. I would take Ca/Mg Zyme on an empty stomach before you go to bed at night.

If you have challenges drifting off to sleep during this time it may be from an abundance of copper and a deficiency of zinc; wheat and soy deplete the body of zinc. I would encourage you to obtain a bottle of Celtic Sea Salt. Personally, I use it liberally on all food groups I eat. If you get leg cramps at night, this is a body signal of poor mineral absorption, including calcium.

Action Steps:
– Eat sesame seeds and almonds, plus mixed greens for a food source of calcium
– Avoid pasteurized milk that is not organic. Pasteurized milk can create digestive challenges and a compromised liver.

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