Turn that Frown Upside Down

Do the changing of the leaves and the longer nights make you SAD? if you consider yourself to have Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, I suggest taking quality omega-3 fatty acids, more protein and minerals. Omega Nutrition is a Dr. Bob “Approved” brand that supplies our omega oils.

What should you avoid, so you’re not SAD?
I would avoid food items that remove minerals from the body. Sugar commonly depletes the body of essential minerals. You may wonder why you need minerals? Minerals, especially zinc, are necessary to assist the body in the creation of a long-chain fat called DHA. DHA is needed for optimal brain health.

I would also avoid foods and beverages that compromise liver health. You may ask:

“Dr. Bob, I did not realize there are items and products that do that?”

Any artificial ingredient in any food or beverage needs to be neutralized. The liver is responsible for all elimination of toxic items. Food colorings commonly found in almost all processed foods need to be processed so as not to create harm!

If you have had SAD for a long time, I would suggest starting to apply the castor oil pack on your right mid-abdomen. The castor oil pack will assist the liver in performing optimally.

No matter the season, make sure you have enough minerals. Celtic Sea Salt used optimally on all foods would help. I am also suggesting taking up to 150 mg of B6 daily. B6 helps the body create DHA. I would also focus on B vitamins. Your nervous system needs B vitamins to assist DHA production that will prevent you from “raw nerves”.

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