What does inflammation do to cholesterol?

Years ago, the conventional medical community had everyone convinced trans fat or partially hydrogenated oils would miraculously lower cholesterol. They missed a very important piece of information- trans fat creates inflammation.

Guess what inflammation does to cholesterol?
Trans fat alters normal fat metabolism. There are long-chain fatty acids that eventually become fat tissue-like hormones called protaglandins. Prostaglandin 1 and 3 take away pain and inflammation. PG1 and 3 also reduce the stickiness of blood cells, and make blood vessels subtle or soft and not hard or stiff. Using margarine with trans fat and/or eating snack foods with partially hydrogenated fats or being duped by the 0 Grams Trans Fat advertisement actually contributes to inflamed blood vessels.

When you look at the packaging of 0 Grams Trans Fat, you will notice those items still have trans fat in the product. The hook is eating more than the recommended servings, you are adding deadly trans fat, which will sabotage your heart-healthy roadmap. Here are two simple steps:

– Eliminate trans fat
– Add biomega-3 and flax oil to your daily diet.

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