What happened to your curls?

Do you know anyone with curly hair? A person whose hair is curly then becomes straight, usually needs minerals! Have you noticed the curl in your hair has become limp? Are you under stress? People under stress lose minerals-minerals help your curls. Do you crave salt? people who crave salt usually need minerals. What depletes minerals? Sugar and Stress!

I would suggest if you are losing your hair, you might consider a Bloodspot EFA test and/or Hair Analysis. The EFA exam will help me decipher if you have the right oils in your body. If you do not have the right oils, like the omega-3’s, your hormones will be compromised and you will have a hard time growing hair. Trans fat is elevated with people who eat junk food. If your trans fat level is high, your body is starving for the nutrients that produce your curls. Do you consume enough protein? I would suggest having some at each meal-protein is the building block for hair. Coarse hair is also a sign of low thyroid function.

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