What makes me mad!

I get MAD when I watch pharmaceutical advertisements on TV. As a doctor and a consumer, I cannot stand when the actor lowers their voice and informs you about the potential side effects and cautionary statements. I recently saw one on antidepressants, which, sadly, many people are depressed.

Depression occurs at any age. I see more teenagers come into my office with depression and bipolar, sharing that they went “fat free” and “animal tissue free”. In other words, they are on the “low-fat” and no “animal protein” diet. I am not here to debate if you should or should not be vegan or vegetarian. I regularly see vegans switch from animal tissue to a life of refined carbohydrates with sugar, instead of whole foods and plant-based proteins. I always see an improvement of mental stability with the addition of omega-3 fats, marine oil, and plant protein.

Women have more challenges with depression around their menses especially if they have low thyroid tendencies (cold hands and feet, fatigue, constipation, and morning headaches). I found when we add iodine and tyrosine; depression goes away on its own. Eliminating sugar definitely helps. Sugar depletes the body of zinc, one of the most common mineral deficiencies.

Ladies, I would suggest you create a regular routine of exercise, which means doing something everyday. I would eliminate as much sugar as possible, and have your thyroid levels tested (TSH, T3, and T4). If you are depressed or have a history of depression and were told you had a normal thyroid and take medication, you might want to schedule a consultation.

Lastly, you will want to eliminate as much trans fat from your diet that you can. Trans fat sabotages your body’s ability to create the long chain fat from your brain called DHA.

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