Milk - Does it really do the body good?

One of the largest budgets in the advertising industry includes the dollars spent to promote the white mustache campaign. Milk has been projected to be the answer for nearly every ailment that comes down the “pike”.

Let me give you the “skinny” on how I perceive milk. First, I think it is very important for you to realize we need “milk” when we are infants. Once we mature and wean from our mothers the enzyme in our stomach designed to process milk stops being produced. It is actually a Biblical principle to give children milk but as they mature they require solid morsels to sustain growth.

Many individuals drink milk to obtain calcium; the media advertisers have completed their task by “brain washing” the masses to think milk is the best source of calcium. I have a question: when was the last time you saw a cow eat cottage cheese, milk or ice cream?  They do not eat dairy – they eat hay, grass and alfalfa – which are all sources calcium. Calcium is sourced from greens and nuts and then utilized by the body for optimal health. Craving milk is usually a body signal of a need and desire for (1) Fat  (2) Protein and  (3) Calcium.  I encourage my patients to eat “fat” foods such as avocados and walnuts; any type of plant or animal protein and to eat sesame seeds, kale and greens for calcium. The desire for milk will subside when you have adequate sources of plant based calcium foods.

Many people ask me about raw organic milk; is it better than the “conventional” store bought pasteurized (heat) homogenized (blended) versions. Regardless of the source of your dairy, you may have a response in your system such as chronic sinus challenges, pain syndromes, asthma and whole body inflammation. Focus on eating more fat foods, with nuts and greens.

However, if you refuse to stop consuming milk and you hate veggies what can you do to “feed” the body to stop the cravings?

  1. Pumpkin Protein – one scoop a day, or
  2. Rice Protein – one scoop a day
  3. Ca/MG Plus™ – four to six a day on an empty stomach
  4. Biomega 3™ – two teaspoons a day
  5. Multi Mins – 3 to 4 daily on an empty stomach; may take more with leg cramps

If you drink milk, and have a passion for it, I would suggest you try the foods and supplements listed above – your whole system will thank you!

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