Moove Over Dairy

I know many of you have a passion for dairy products. I have discovered over time that modern milk creates many common health challenges; asthma, digestive distress, acne, compromised liver function, headaches, joint pain, back pain, smelly feet and skin, chronic sinus issues, etc. I would like to suggest, if you consume dairy products on a regular basis and have these conditions, consider eliminating dairy from your life for one month.

I can tell you that chronic left neck and shoulder blade pain will leave within two or three days when you stop eating yogurt and ice cream. These two dairy products when commercially produced generally have an abundance of sugar. If you insist on your continued diet of dairy, the least I would do is convert from conventional sources with hormones added, to organic dairy sources. I also want you to know of a group called the West A. Price Organization doing what they can to help the public have access to organic, raw dairy (the way dairy was originally intended to be consumed). I would suggest that you become aware of the amount of “cow” products you consume, because many of you already have compromised your liver/lymphatic sewer system, that even organic, raw milk may be an issue for you. Great non-dairy beverages can be sourced from coconut, rice, almond, and hemp (always purchase the unsweetened).

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