Does gluten affect your genes?

Did you ever watch a science fiction movie that had weird characters? Those aliens had altered genes compared to ours. I know from my research it is very possible that many of the issues we are dealing with today can be directly related to the altered foods including gluten.

I have studied gluten for a while now. Gluten is the glue found in wheat, oats, and rye. I believe in my heart, that the genetic modification of the wheat grains has altered the digestive tracts of many individuals today. Now I also know that a gluten issue can result because of poor essential fatty acid (EFA) metabolism. David Fraham ND has suggested from his experience, patients he sees at his lodge in Colorado who have gluten issues are also low in omega-3 and 6 fats. If you have chronic allergies, it could be because you do not have enough oil, or the wrong kind of oil in your body.

Each gene has a special job to do. It carries blueprints-the instructions-for making proteins in the cell. Proteins are the building blocks for everything in your body. Bones and teeth, hair and earlobes, muscles and blood, all are made up of proteins. Those proteins helps our bodies grow, work properly, and stay healthy. Today, scientists estimate that each gene in the body make make as many as ten different proteins. That’s over 300,000!

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