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I would like to simplify the gluten issue. You may have read articles on eating gluten free and are doing your best to watch what you are adding to your grocery list and cart. Gluten has a protein as a part of its make up called gliadin which is a protein found in wheat, oats, barley and rye. Gluten creates issues for two reasons – the first challenge is the protein in gluten can cause an auto immune response with joint pain, sinusitis, explosive colon movement, foggy thought patterns, and hives, etc. The second problem and the most common we see in the office is that gluten acts like “slime” in the colon preventing the absorption of nutrients including minerals, vitamins and proteins. I have noticed an increase in the number of patients who are experiencing chronic anemia symptoms such as tiredness, sluggishness and exhaustion because they do not have enough iron to make blood cells.

I have read that 1% of the population suffer with the symptoms of celiac disease, loose stools and digestive distress, even though 40% have the genes that are present for those symptoms. Biopsy studies on individuals who have “true” celiac disease do not have the little “villi” or finger like projections jutting out from the intestinal walls for years and in fact may never be restored. You may consider eliminating all grains for two to three months and see how your body responds to “grain free”.

When a patient has sensitivity with gluten — research has suggested they also may experience a phenomenon called “crossed reactivity”; a common difficulty when consuming dairy products. This means that dairy consumption could also be the cause of distress. By the way, dairy is not egg or other farm products as some people think; dairy comes from cows.

In the past I have gone on record using the term “torpedo of death” when referring to a chocolate covered, cream filled éclair with sugar sprinkles on top. This type of treat can create liver gall bladder distress which can also be precipitated by gluten. Pastries with cream can be a major source of many of your health problems. The wheat/dairy combination can literally be deadly over time; it is the collateral damage by combining the two together.

So what can you do about the gluten issue in your life? I suggest you have an Adrenal Stress Saliva Index completed. The ASI will tell me your cortisol or cortisone levels in your body plus a few other factors associated with adrenal gland function. One of the tests in the ASI also includes “gliadin” levels which is the “bad guy” partner associated with gluten. You can literally be exhausted because you have sensitivity to gluten/gliadin which we can test.

I also suggest you do a more extensive search on gluten sourced foods and avoid them for a few months. You should also consider adding: Optimal EFA’s™, B6 Phosphate™ and MG-Zyme™ to your daily supplement protocol – these items are commonly deficient in those who have a gluten challenge.

Finally, choosing gluten free items at the grocery store is not a guarantee your health will totally rebound.  Food manufacturers use potato starch and high levels of sugar when creating gluten free products. Avoid commercially prepared gluten free products – the food manufactures add a lot of “taste good” enhancers as a substitute for the lack of gluten. The best gluten free food(s) would be non-starchy vegetables, brown rice and quinoa.

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