“No More Diet Soda!”

Everyday I talk to patients who want to be healthy. Patient’s consistently come into my office with pain. Have you thought about what authentic health is? Some people think going to a club and exercising is the only way to be healthy. I have observed many individuals that eat with reckless abandon and exercise to stay thin. That is not health. Exercising away calories, especially from “processed” food groups or packaged foods is not adding to your long-term life.

I want you to avoid soda. I recently consulted with a husband/wife team who were/are both addicted to diet soda. Diet soda does not promote health-actually it is not uncommon for me to have patients ask me about a neighbor that was/is just diagnosed with brain tumors. I see a lot of people who have cancer which is directly linked to consuming diet soda.

Now when it comes to optimal health, you really want to seek and find foods, exercise and rest, that will fit into a pattern that you have already. I am not asking you to reinvent the wheel. I may suggest a few variables. For example, eat almond butter instead of peanut butter. I would eat organic deli meats versus conventional animal tissue. I would work at consuming as much organic food versus conventional food. Non-organic food can create havoc to the whole system. I would make sure that you watch how you combine your food. I encourage the least amount of water with a meal. Water dilutes stomach pH or acid levels. You may notice a considerable improvement in your health just by minimizing water with a meal.

One last takeaway. I would not eat animal tissue with starches. That means you do not want steak and potatoes; you want to eat steak with vegetables. Eating acid (animal) with alkaline (starch) can create digestive distress especially in Blood Type A patients. If you notice digestive distress, this may help.

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