GMO Food Health Risks

I am sure you have heard this quote from Hippocrates a hundred times, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”.  Years ago there would have been a lot of truth and fact to that statement, but right now the food you are innocently eating – such as the healthy fruits, veggies and oils may be a part of your long term health problem.

The state of California voted on a referendum in the previous election that challenged the way food is marketed and distributed in America.  Although the measure did not pass, progress through awareness was evident, and other states have begun to vote on genetic labeling. Genetically engineered food items made their debut back in the mid 1990’s.  The whole industry of genetically engineered items has exponentially mushroomed (no pun intended) into a multi-billion dollar industry.

I have read statistics that suggest up to 95% of the “B” in Dr. Bob’s ABC’s are genetically engineered — BEETS.  In genetically engineered foods the cells of a plant are usually altered with a virus that changes the genetic code or pattern of the structure making the plant/animal fit a particular need.  For example Monsanto, one of the largest of all the seed producers, has altered the structure of wheat, soy and corn to be resistant to a chemical in Round Up – which by the way they also have created to withstand the “poisonous effects” of the herbicide spray, but weeds do not!  Genetically engineered seeds cannot reproduce themselves like traditional heirloom seeds – so farmers have to buy new seeds every year!  It is a Biblical principle found in Genesis that one should eat food from seed bearing plants.

If you do not eat organic food (which according to U.S. law should be produced by non-GE seeds) you are eating poison.  In the U.S. the food producers can use any type of grain to create food, the most common of which are soy and corn products.  Unless you are eating organic you may be eating food that will alter function in your body.  I have consistently and dramatically witnessed an increased number of patients with chronic health problems resolve just be going organic – asthma, skin problems, headaches and bowel challenges are the most common.

Finally, as you choose food at the grocery store, look at the PLU label on the product.  The number 9 should precede the other numbers like PLU#943578.  If the product starts with an 8 it is GE, all other numbers are considered conventional – which means they can have herbicides or pesticides but are not GE; however they also are not organic.

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