Yo No Soy

My career has been about discovery. I was duped like so many others to believe that soy was the answer to all health challenges. From my experience, nothing can be further from the truth. I have watched countless numbers of patient’s health statuses improve without consuming soy. I know vegans do not want to hear or read that. I cannot answer for the rest of the world, but the being consumed in commercial grade American stores creates health challenges for many individuals. I recently read in Natural Solutions, December 2008, page 24, an article titled, “No soy good for fertility”‘, what an eye opener. A small study from Harvard Medical school suggested that men who ate roughly a half serving of soy food a day (about a cup of soy milk or one serving of tofu every other day) had significantly lower sperm concentrations than men who did not eat soy. This is a hotly debated multi-billion dollar issue. The article suggested substituting soy with lentils, rice milk, and whole grains. I have patients who had estrogen saturation symptoms go away be eliminating soy. If you have tender breasts and a heavy menses, try no soy for a time period. If you are not able to get pregnant, ask your souse to stop eating soy (you think I’m joking). Men, if you have a swollen prostate, stop eating soy. Everyone else, stop eating soy.

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