Deceptive Labeling

Labels require a degree in deciphering codes used for espionage. Many of my patients did not know Splenda is also called sucralose. You need to know this, since you may be taking too much Splenda and not even know it. The medical community wants all of us to think that Splenda is a safe alternative to sugar and that it is better than NutraSweet (I would never use either!). In certain studies, mice that were given Splenda had increased mutations. Splenda is basically chlorinated sugar. Recently I had a patient bring in a bar that had sucralose labeled as the sweetener. It was an “all natural” energy bar. Do not trust the word “all natural” it really can be used loosely, and not totally accurate and descriptive. In theory, you are actually putting an herbicide and pesticide in your intestines when you use it was a sweetener. Lastly, NutraSweet should not be heated, and it has been known to cause: headaches, nausea, skin rashes, and even seizures.

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