Don’t Be Blue

I had a sixty-year-old patient come into my office recently complaining of blue, cold toes. Two thoughts: Is this you? And, do you remember the blue gentleman from a few years ago? More than likely, he had a low thyroid.

They also mentioned to me that it might be fungus. This is interesting because iodine is like a natural antiseptic. I suggested they soak their feet in warm water with a product called Agrisept-L. I told her to put ten drops in a basin of water and soak them. I see a lot of patients with fungal issues. Fungus sprouts quickly and expansively in a body under stress because the immune system is weakened from it. Excess sugar consumption is also a catalyst for fungal growth.

Fungal issues can be difficult to eradicate. One person I knew committed suicide because the toxins from the fungus literally drove them crazy. I suggest completing a Health Survey because it’s not worth having your body change colors because of fungus!

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