Dr. Bob “Approved” Stress Reducers

Did you know stress is one of the leading factors in poor health? Additionally, the combination of sugar and stress is devastating to your organs, skin, hair and emotional well being. Time and time again I hear the term “comfort food” in conversations where people are describing how they handle stress. The definition for “comfort food” for many includes massive amounts of carbohydrates. I also recognize that chocolate is one of the most consumed items in the mix of foods that appear to “calm the nerves”. Consumption of the little, dark cocoa bean creates an addictive pattern of high and lows-the sugar and chocolate combination creates chaos in the body.

Do you crave sugar? How about chocolate? Chocolate consumption has become of the most recent media driven “health foods”. It has been peddled off as a source of antioxidants and is actually good for you. Let me tell you, chocolate and sugar slowly drain adrenal gland function. The adrenal glands are very important glands known to support optimal immune system and hormonal health. The more sugar and chocolate you consume over time, the more exhausted you will become. People who consume chocolate or other sugary, high-carbohydrates regularly will develop menopausal symptoms sooner than their “sugar free” friends; and by sugar-free, I am not talking about Splenda or NutraSweet either. Artificial sweeteners are in a ‘villain’ league of their own.

How can you stop the cravings from happening? Generally, people who have a mineral deficiency crave sugar to satisfy the mineral need because the body is confused. This type of deficiency can be properly identified with a Hair Analysis that allows you to correctly target deficiencies with supplementation to create a healthy balance. In the many mineral tissue analysis reports I have analyzed over the years, I have learned that there is a deficiency in chromium in many who have the relentless desire for the small, granulated sweet pellets. To correct this, I recommend Cr-Zyme from Biotics Research, three daily, to my patients. In some cases, I recommend a patient take up to name Cr-Zyme daily to battle severe sugar cravings.

Almost everyone I meet could benefit themselves by eating more greens. A mixed green salad five days a week will supply your body with magnesium, which is also often lacking in many who grab for a chocolate bar when they are feeling a bit edgy. Also, increase your protein and healthy fats; you can get more of these on your salad just by adding avocado. Eating a regular salad and good fat source will give your brain and emotions rest.

Often when a person lives an on-the-go lifestyle to meet life’s deadlines, they will compromise on their diet, and choose items that are low in (good) fat, high in trans-fat, high in sodium and high in refined sugars-a deadly combination. So many people suffer with hormonal imbalance because the adrenal glands are constantly over-demanded to create hormones that handle everyday stressors. Over time, what happens, is the adrenal glands are not able to satisfy the abundant need for new hormones, so they stop making hormones for sexual and life requirement needs and instead make only the hormones to handle the stress.

Be proactive. Plan ahead for your meals and snacks during the day and for the week. Go to the grocery store and pick up an array of vegetables and make a SWAP bag (Start With A Protein) including vegetable protein. I have a SWAP bag everyday including tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, apple, radish, and celery. Many are misinformed to think that vegetables do not contain protein. Vegetables are not going to throw off your blood sugar, and you will be steady as you go all day without cravings that can start the roller coaster ride.

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