Four Signs of Premature Aging

I have noticed in my office the patients that look the most advanced in age are the ones who do one of several habits regularly.

– They have a passion for sugar

– They smoke tobacco products

– They are addicted to and eat too much processed food

– They do not drink enough water

Sugar creates a state of advanced aging because it promotes excessive inflammation that is analogous to rust on a piece of iron. Sugar and protein when combine increase wrinkles.

Tobacco products especially cigarettes deplete the body of vitamin C and sulfur, both of which are needed to establish strong, smooth skin and connective tissue. Patients who smoke have discs in their spines that are decreased in size compared to those who do not.

Processed Food=Non-living. There is no nutritional value to processed food. The word process literally means the living portion has been removed or processed. Processed food will last on the shelf longer than whole foods.

Water hydrates cells and is the medium by which the body eliminates toxins. When you habitually eat or drink toxic food and beverages there is an accelerated free radical or breakdown process that occurs in the body.

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