Your Mineral Check

Did you know if you do not have enough unrefined salt, you adrenals can get exhausted, resulting with lack of fluid, toxicity, and acidosis?

People who have acidosis have a greater chance to have cancer! That said, minerals normalize pH. When you lack minerals, your body literally robs minerals from bones and wherever else to balance out your fluids.

Mineral Check Questions:

Does bright light bother your eyes?

Do you get dizzy from a sit to stand position?

What is your blood pressure?

Did you know that low blood pressure can be helped with Vitamin D?

I know there is a lot there is a lot to learn. If you have digestive distress, I recommend adding Celtic Sea Salt to your water. Sprinkle on your fruit, even your apples and cucumber! Look at your bottle or container of salt in your pantry, look at the ingredients; you will be shocked at what you see. Dextrose!

Have you heard about dextrose? It is sugar used as a binder used to help assist keeping iodide inside the product. Refined salts like the ones at conventional stores and probably on your table have been treated with a form of cyanide and aluminum!

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