How long does trans fat stay inside you?

Do you know someone, rather an adult or child with ADHD? ADHD can be helped without medication, but many do not proactively seek changing the patterns that create behavioral challenges.

“What are you talking about, Dr. Bob?”

Through my experience, trans fat or partially hydrogenated oils interrupt fat in the brain called DHA. Trans fat has a half-life of 51 days. This means, if you eat food that has trans fat or partially hydrogenated oil, normal brain and nervous system fat will be compromised for 102 days, which is the half-life multiplied by two. On the other hand, the half-life of Cis fat or the type of oil found in flax oil is 18 days. So if you change your diet and follow the protocol I have described in Chapter 18 of my ADHD book, you will see behavioral changes in less than three weeks.

I have an article from the USA Today for you to go and read. I also suggest you pass it on to someone who would benefit. There were almost 40 million separate prescriptions written this past year for ADHD medications. Do you think the drug companies want to lose the business? I do not think so.

USA Today Article

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