Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Chronic tiredness and fatigue are reaching near epidemic proportions in our society. Several glands control fuel combustion for energy: The thyroid is analogous to your car’s gas pedal, and the adrenal gland is the fuel pump. Adrenal fatigue caused by stress and consumption of processed food limits the amount of fuel available to improve cell function and energy. The thyroid gland requires a consistent flow of iodine, which is depleted by chlorine (shower and tap water), fluorine (toothpaste, whiteners, and tap water), and bromine (sports beverage, hot tubs, pools). Fatigue and exhaustion also result from the blood-sugar spike and fall after a high-sugar meal.


Eat a steady diet of mid-glycemic foods: nuts, avocados, non-starch vegetables, and organic meat. Mid-glycemic foods control blood sugar so you do not have an hourly high and low energy.

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