The amount of depression has increased in direct proportion to the lack of exercise and deficient dietary fat. Your brain requires a long-chain fat called DHA. Trans fat or the fat common in snack and convenience foods sabotages the body’s ability to make DHA from the diet. It has been suggested that 18% of the population experience depression on a daily basis; common factors include dietary choices and inactivity. The number of patients with subpar thyroid function is increasing; 72% of the population has an iodine deficiency, without which the thyroid is not going to support brain function. From my experience, the most depressed patients have hypo, or low, thyroids.


I suggest an essential fatty acid (EFA) blood spot test to check DHA levels and a thyroid panel to evaluate thyroid function before taking an antidepressant. I would get out and move; exercise is an excellent way to increase “feel-good” hormones.

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