In the USA, Diabetes has been reported to be the third-leading cause of death today. The incidence of diabetes is increasing with the size of our nation’s waist. Most diabetics are overweight, but not all overweight people become diabetics. Insulin is needed to deposit glucose, or blood sugar, into the cell for fuel. Focusing on foods with high sugar content creates distress to the pancreas, which creates insulin. Excessive weight inhibits the body from metabolizing the glucose, causing more pancreatic stress.


Exercise helps promote the burning or utilization of extra glucose, which literally floats around. I encourage our patients to have an HA1C blood-test screen yearly; this shows the amount of glucose that has been in a red blood cell for the last 120 days. The HA1C level is a marker for potential blood-sugar distress. I would avoid all sweets, refined grains, and sodas, while reducing food intake. Increase all activity to use the extra glucose in the system.

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