Dry Skin


Your skin is a protective organ, and water is the best hydrator to prevent dry skin. I have seen many individuals continuously apply lotion for dry skin without lasting results. Moisture in the form of water, as well as oil from food, helps skin stay moist from the inside out. Skin may be drier in the winter because of the reduced humidity in the air, so that water is literally taken from your body. Skin also requires several nutrients for optimal function and water retention. Calcium deficiencies and lack of oil are very common causes for dry skin, while zinc contributes to skin strength. Vitamin A and sulfur help stabilize skin function.


I encourage our patients to eat one organic medium carrot per day for vitamin A and cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower) for sulfur. Eggs, onion, and garlic are other excellent sources of sulfur.

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